Collecting and drying Kryokonite


  • Wasserstrahlpumpe
  • Saugflasche
  • Gummidichtung
  • Büchnertrichter
  • Rundfilterpapier
  • Porzellantiegel
  • Backblech


  • Kryokonit-Probe

For further examination, it is first important to separate the black cryoconite from the water and to dry the sample.

  1. First let the solid components settle at the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Now carefully pour off the clear water. But only to the extent that a liquid still remains.
    Assemble the feeding bottle and the Büchner funnel as shown in the picture. Connect the vacuum hose to the water jet pump or vacuum pump. Turn it on.
  3. Place a round filter in the Büchner funnel and moisten it slightly with distilled water.
    Gradually add the remaining sample from the bottle into the funnel, separating the solid components from the liquid.
  4. Then spread the solid ingredients in the funnel out on a baking tray to dry further. This may take a few days.