[Day 5] Glacier with students

That day we received a visit from a school class from Tromsø. The students have set out on the almost 6-kilometer-long path to the glacier. Already on the way we were able to discover geographical peculiarities together. The entire way to the glacier led through former glacier areas. So you could see very nice different stop points of the glacier. Small elevations turned out to be former terminal moraines of the glacier. Arriving at the glacier, the students were able to carry out analyzes of the glacier ice on site. For example, the oxygen content, pH value and conductivity of glacier water, snow and ice were examined. The students were also able to use the thermal imaging camera to clearly visualize temperature differences between rock and ice.
After the experiments, it was back to the hut, where sausages were grilled over an open fire before the final descent back to the parking lot and the waiting bus.