Hiking and Researching Glaciers by our own

In addition to the glacier course, the focus of the first activity was also the digital and virtual processing. On the last day, we made our way across the glacier as a rope team. Due to the early onset of winter there was already a few centimeters of snow, which is why we resorted to snowshoes.
We chose the Hallstadt Glacier for the hike. From the feeding area we went along the glacier to the beginning of the feeding area. At the edge of the glacier, the wear and tear on the rocks caused by the glacier’s forward movement was clearly visible.

As part of the hike, we were also able to take the first 360-degree photos for the virtual tour of the glacier.
We also tried different low-cost sampling methods for school groups. A combination of an ice pick and an ice screw proved to be the best method. The “drill core” of the ice screw makes it relatively easy to take samples from the ice up to a depth of 20 cm.