GlacierXperience in the Tierra Caliente of Colombia

Based on a long cooperation with Dr. Mónica Zuleta Salas from the Department of Geography of the Universidad de Antioquia, we were able to present our project in the form of a poster at the Colombian Congress of Geographers from October 25-27, 2023. The object of the presentation was not only to gain knowledge on the subject of glaciers as such, but rather to show the climatic conditions for the existence of glaciers in Europe based on the Steindalsbreen and Dachstein glaciers visited with students in the project. Both are subject to seasonal change with high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter. As long as winter conditions allow the ice to grow at least as much as the summer melt, the glaciers are stable. 

In the tropics, on the other hand, a diurnal climate prevails, resulting in daytime melting and nighttime ice accumulation. At most, annual periodicity occurs through distinct pluvial seasons with balanced temperatures throughout the year. 

Another exciting aspect of the GlacierXperience with learners in Norway, Germany, Austria and beyond.