Returning to Steindalsbreen two months after our spring visit.

At the end of the summer, the glacier lies without a protective snow cover. This means that the structure is very clearly visible, but it also accelerates the melting process.

The annual snow cover has melted completely in the lower parts and the icefall, showing the ice and debris below. The glacier lake has become much larger.

tanding on the glacier, near the glacier front, it feels like watching extreme slow TV, witnessing the creation of a new moraine under your feet. The ice is so clear, and inside all the material the glacier collected on its way down through the valley. And this is it. Here, the remaining ice melts and the debris will be lying here until the climate gets colder again and the glacier will become larger.

For all of you who wondered if it is true that Glaciers create their own microclimate. Just look at this IR-picture and the huge mass a cold ice in a warm valley. Yes, you have to put your jacket on, even on a sunny day!