The “cinnamon rocks” aka serpentinite

Between all the grayish rocks of the last morene-field underneath the glacier, occasionally cinnamon coloured rocks are found.

We looked nearer into these, and they actually give you a glimpse into the inner parts of our globe.

If you cut into these stones, the core looks entirely different to the weathered surface and reveals what is called a ultramafite, a very blackish rock, called “serpentinite”, high in magnesium and iron.. 

Finding these rocks strengthens the evidence. The Lyngen Alps are volcanic. Most stones and the alpine peaks consist of “Gabbro”. But together with the molten magma, some solid material of the mantle seem to have risen to the crust. Back then, these stones must have been “peridotite”, which has then, during the Kaledonian mountain-building, undergone a metamorphosis to “serpentinite”