Activity 2: Exploring Steindalsbreen in Norway

As part of our second activity, we visited the Steindalsbreen near Tromsø (Norway). After the preparation at the Arctic University (UiT) in Tromsø, we went, heavily packed, to a self-catering hut near the glacier for a few days. From here we were initially able to explore the glacier on our own and create 360° photos of it for our learning environment (Klick here!). The next day we went to the glacier with a group of students from Tromsø. Already on the approximately 6 km long way there we were able to discover geological features such as the U-shape typical of glacial valleys. At the glacier, the students could then examine ice and rock or explore the area around the glacier with the help of a thermal imaging camera. On the way back, there were sausages and buns grilled over the fire. We went to the glacier again. On the way back the next day we were able to interview glaciologist Jemma Wedham about her research on the northern Norwegian glaciers. We then headed towards the fjords. These are the valleys of former glaciers that have filled with seawater over time. Back in the UiT laboratory, the analysis of the rock and water samples that had been brought along was pending. On the return flight there was another great view over northern Norway and shortly before landing in Vienna (Austria) exciting impressions of thunderclouds. For more insights into our activity just check out our diary below.

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